Green Life Interiors offers exceptional interior plantscape design strategies along with expert care of live foliage to create an attractive & inviting environment in both corporate and residential settings alike.

Live plants can accent, provide a focal point, screen, direct traffic, define space, project a public image, create a feeling of comfort and well-being, while cleaning the air of indoor pollutants in the process.

Our comprehensive services offer interior design and layout, sales/lease of plants, installation, plant care using the latest in technology, and regular diagnosis of plant health. Seasonal color packages, holiday décor packages and plant rental for special occasions are also available.


What will the beauty and benefits of healthy, live plants do for your space?

Transform your space into a Green-Friendly environment. This creates feelings of comfort and well-being, which directly influences productivity. It also defines the space and projects a warm, inviting image.

Strengthen your image by adding interior design elements. This softens architectural lines created by walls and floors. Containers compliment color schemes and enhance style.

Provide cleaner air. According to NASA and EPA studies, plants can contribute to cleaner air and optimum humidity levels for indoor spaces.

Provide focal points. Live plants can screen unsightly views and create a desired traffic flow.