Research verifies that interior plants are proven to inspire worker productivity and increase workplace satisfaction. Additionally, the "green" attributes of interior plants include a positive impact on indoor air quality, thus vastly improving health and attendance in the workplace.

Benefits of Live Plants:

Improve Indoor Environment

Plants take on many indoor environment health problems by reducing levels of carbon dioxide, increasing relative humidity, reducing airborne dust levels and reducing off gassing levels of certain common interior pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and nitrogen dioxide.

Increase Tenant Occupancy and Retention

By maintaining healthy live plants in attractively designed containers and displays, the character and appearance of the building improves. People want to stay, their perception is positive.

Increase Retail Spending

Extend your outside environment inside for the retail customer. Provide a more interesting, cheerful, less stressful experience for your shopper, diner or overnight guest.

Reduce Absenteeism

A few selected quality specimens can help moderate the noise level and reduce stress, keeping employees happier at work.

Make Buildings Look More Welcoming

Subtle settings created by plants alleviate the harshness of the building environment. They create a warm inviting refuge.

Productivity Gains

Authentically Green Design addresses the productivity gains stimulated by increased worker exposure to natural stimuli. A 2003 study of workers in a call center found that simply having an unobstructed view of natural elements was consistently associated with better overall worker performance. Workers with better views were found to process calls 7 percent to 12 percent faster, reporting less fatigue and higher levels of alertness than those with no view. Another recent study showed that computer programmers whose workplace included views of plants spent 15 percent more time on their primary task than equivalent workers without any view.

Reduced Stress

Additional recent studies have also shown a marked decrease in stress levels (measured through blood pressure and heart rate) among workers whose building design allowed ample access to interior and exterior green spaces. Several performance-based incentives to enhance employee productivity also give rise to stress, so the rare capability of plants to raise productivity while lowering stress is extremely valuable.